Successful Home Selling Secrets!

Selling to the Right Buyers:

Build around that one fascinating thing about your property! Catch buyers attention & they will come! Forget showing your home to anyone but motivated buyers. Less stress is best! Ask yourself what makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.

What to Look For:

Location, Location, Location is a real meme! What made you fall in love with the property? A private location in the middle of town?  A shop and RV parking for him? A gourmet kitchen? A gorgeous backyard for entertaining and just enjoying nature? That beautiful picture window? A romantic hilltop or lake view?

A Picture IS Worth a 1,000 Words: A Professional Picture, That IS

A split second is all it takes for a picture to invite them to see more. Show them why they cannot wait another day or they could miss their dream home! They won’t want a bargain at this point, they will want your home!

That’s all for now. Next we will talk about the art of negotiation. Be sure to contact me for more information! Susan Kazarian (559) 730-1403


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